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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: Beyond Final Friday

Curt Clonts

Before there was Final Friday in Wichita one could go out and experience art exhibit openings in local galleries at least three weekends per month. And there was time to take in the show and really enjoy the work because we weren’t fighting to get to all the exhibits before they closed. There might be an opening on Friday night and then another on Saturday night. And it meant constant openings throughout each month. It was exciting!

A group exhibit titled “2 x Many=25” will open at Marilyn Grisham’s beautiful Fiber Studio Gallery THIS Friday night and it will seem like old times. Ms. Grisham has invited 25 artists for this show which includes many Wichita veterans such as Marc Bosworth, Lynda Beck, Gary Lincoln, Kathleen Shanahan, Jack Wilson, Doug Billings, Clark Britton, and Marilyn Grisham herself. This line-up ensures a fabulously interesting and eclectic show of quality paintings, clay works, and sculpture, all together in a lovely space with an super layout and great lighting.

I envision a great dinner out--with spirits and spirited conversation--beautiful evening weather, followed by an opening that will have people talking for quite some time. And then, after the show… After the show? Who cares? It’s art in Wichita.

And it’s at Fiber Studio, 418 Commerce, 6-9 pm this Friday night.