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Art Review

Why Not Buy Art? | An Artist's Perspective


Tomorrow begins the holiday season. I wish you all the best. You will be buying gifts. Why not buy art?

We get amazing aesthetic experiences from beautiful music, a great book, a wonderful meal, and from looking at art. Viewing art gives a feeling of transcendence that, in my view, points to a supreme truth and beauty—the Divine.

Art increases the very quality of human life. And art is for everybody because it is not exclusive, but inclusive and interactive for all.

I often hear, and absolutely believe, that art that is being made in Wichita meets and/or exceeds the quality of art found in New York, and is often had for much lower prices. Wichitans are now regularly buying and collecting locally made art. Local artists can always use your support. And when you buy from a local artist that you can get to know, you gain real insight into the work you are attracted to. Local art is affordable. Works start in the $30 range, though they can go as high as anyone can imagine, depending on the artist.

Go to the local galleries and ask questions. Go to City Arts and ask questions. Call an artist directly and ask what you may view. Attend Final Friday openings this month!

Give a completely unique gift to someone and help them start a collection. Or, buy art for yourself as a reward for persevering through this year.