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Art Review

Douglas Avenue Murals, Round Two

Last Saturday it was 90+ degrees. It was the day the 2nd round of murals to be painted in the Douglas Design District lifted off and began. My wife Taeko and I went out to explore the different sites.

We started with checking out the Brick Mob bunch at the Workroom on North Cleveland. Ladders and scaffolding were perched and paint was being applied to a large and commanding new mural. It was near noon and already the sun was beating down on the artists. Sunburns were glaringly apparent, and yet the painters were smiling, joking, and having good time. 

What we found at each site were new, colorful murals being painted by a community of folks who were caring for our great city. Some critics have bashed some of the murals from the 1st round. And to be truthful, some are slightly lacking in artistic expertise. But to me, the point is in the sense of community and fun these murals bring to our city. We are thriving and growing in Wichita! Our town is hip and genuine. Our town is colorful, multi-cultural, and friendly. We are weird, tuned in, somewhat eccentric, and we have that killer Wichita work ethic that is getting things done. I've lived in Los Angeles, Dallas, and New Orleans, and Wichita is the only place I want to live and be an artist.

We ran into Janelle King who organized and propelled the mural events. I am proud of her and her ongoing efforts to better the city. I think she should run for mayor. She gets our vote and our thanks.