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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: Chris Brunner


I've always felt that a sculptor suffers most for his or her art. To coax emotion and greatness from stone, steel, bronze, or wood is torturous.

Wichita artist Chris Brunner fits the mold of what I have always felt a male sculptor is. Wickedly cool and possessing a dry wit. Unashamedly a man's man. Zen-like in his love for gardening. Hands built for battle.

Seemingly a curmudgeon until you get to know him and realize he is a giver, with a heart as big as Kansas.

A veteran artist who is famous for his public art projects and sold out exhibitions, Brunner is currently backed up on commissions. He is now developing a body of work wrestled from gorgeous black pearl soapstone married smoothly into steel. The large works are luxurious and aerodynamic. Lines on rock almost razor sharp. Forms portraying a mix of male essence with a love of the female form. Despite sharp lines and cold material, the works are infinitely warm, earthy, and human. They are at once important--demanding our attention.

Brunner's work can be found at Drury Plaza along the river, Emprise Bank, and at Greteman Group, among other places. He is also a board member of Mark Arts and is heavily involved in the new building and grounds, which will open this December.

You can hear him speak about his life, projects, and work on Monday, October 23rd at the Wichita Art Museum. He will host a noon lunch and a program beginning at 1:00 p.m.


Information about Brunner's talk for 'Art on a Monday' at the Wichita Art Museum can be found here.