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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: I'll Bring The Milk

This week, consider packing yourself a sack lunch and heading down to City Arts. In the 2nd floor gallery you will find the new exhibition Bibs & Forks Food Invitational.

Have a seat at the lunch tables provided in the middle of the space and take in a fun show featuring 17 artists who serve their A-list entrees in painting and video formats.

Start with Richard Crowson's "Cheese on Cracker," while Charles Baughman presents a sumptuous piece called "Making Cake." Other star entrees include Jack Wilson's magical  "Main Course/Fellowship," Ernest Vincent Wood's "Perfect Pairings," Wade Hampton's "Pizza Church"--and for dessert-- Torin Andersen's "Strawberry Swiss Sierras" or Lauren Fitzgerald's luscious "Grape Popsicle." Master
John Pirtle makes a great show with a watercolor and ink work on paper called "Time For Supper, Mr. Turner."

My chosen entree is Kelsy Gossett's hilarious "Sugar and Spice," a video piece that is pure genius and pure Gossett. Gossett kills and is a true art-star.

Email me by 10:00 each morning this week at the address provided with the online exhibition photos (scroll through the slideshow above) and I will provide the ice-cold milk for your lunch. Please indicate white milk or chocolate.