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The Artist Project at WAM | An Artist's Perspective

Author Sondra Langel wrote the recent book Wichita Artists In Their Studios. The book of colorful photos and crisp essays features 50 Wichita-based artists and the studios in which they each create. The popular book is a great tribute to just 50 of the many great, hard-working artists in Wichita.

Wichita Art Museum Director Patricia McDonnell had the idea to invite each of the 50 artists featured in Ms. Langel's book to collectively curate an exhibition. 

Each of the artists was sent an invitation to come to the museum, enter the large vault on the lower level, and choose any painting that made an impact on them. Each artist was also asked to submit a written explanation as to why they chose their particular work.

The result is the upcoming exhibition titled The Artist Project. This exhibition is exciting for several reasons: The exhibition is voyeuristic in that it allows viewers to consider and delve into the thoughts of working artists and what inspires them. The written explanations will supply even more insight. Also, many of the works chosen have not been exhibited in quite sometime, and some, never at all. The show will feature paintings, sculpture, and some prints and promises to be an eclectic and highly unusual show. I find it refreshing that there is no theme involved and there were no size limitations placed on the works chosen. This promises to be a very interesting exhibition worth marking on your calendar. The opening date? March 18th--running through July 9th.