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An Artist's Perspective: 'The Last Generation'

A painter wishes to take a subject matter, render that image, and then capture the viewer. But when a painter can make the viewer truly pause and soak the image up while considering deeper meanings and feelings, the painter has become--or at least is on the road to becoming--a master. And this is a rare thing.

Wichita painter Richard Davies makes paintings that haunt my thoughts. And like the works of an earlier Wichita painter, William Dickerson, the Davies works are rare, thoughtful, and lush. Simply put--I want to live with these works.

Richard Davies employs old-school, extremely painterly techniques that can only come through experience, self awareness, and great confidence.

Lush, broad brush strokes accompany a complex and rich pallet of deeper colors. A celebration of natural light that is hard won and extremely tasteful, almost in the vein of Edward Hopper, but not quite as obvious. Wichita landmark buildings are given new lease. Human subjects with real essence and soul. The depth is completely satisfying.

Richard Davies states that all of his art explores the simple notion that we are just here and now on a planet that is in trouble. He explains that his art will not fix any problem on our planet, but hopes the viewer will learn how to be here and now instead of tied up in a flurry of theory wars.

Splendid! A viewer's vacation.

See Richard Davies' latest exhibition titled "The Last Generation" at City Arts through February 18th.