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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: Open It

Jordan Kirtley has made me proud.

She has taken her WSU art degree, earned in 2013,  and put it to work here in Wichita with an exhibit on City Art's 2nd floor.Ms. Kirtley (who in addition to being an artist is also KMUW's engagement marketing coordinator) calls her new exhibition "OPEN IT,” and explains that it is an interactive invitation to each viewer to peek inside her life and experience her personal moments, memories and experiences.

The show's 17 pieces are brilliant, orderly dioramas--each contained inside a wooden cigar box. The dioramas are made of nicely painted, thick, intricately cut paper.

A work titled "DELICATES" features two constructed coin-operated washing machines, side by side. One appears to be washing a detailed human heart. The cover of the box contains a painted depiction of colorful, laundered scarves.

Another, "GRANDMA'S HOUSE" features a stunning, constructed red couch, flowered wallpaper, and a garden of beautifully cut flowers.

There are 6 works depicting colorful planets, like Saturn, that appear inside boxes encrusted with shiny, black slag sand, which almost looks like glitter. Other works like "BOY BYE", "SWEET DREAMS" and "NOTHING HAS CHANGED" offer a sense of want, loss, and heartache.

This thoughtful little show is nicely presented with hot, low lights and grey gallery walls, which makes Kirtley's colors pop.

Jordan Kirtley is a young artist who is growing and on the move. As she grows and evolves I cannot wait to see what journeys she will take us on.

Her work is on display through January 23 at City Arts.