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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: Wishes For 2017

Beth Golay/KMUW

Wichita is our little city. We take ownership of it. We take our city to heart with immense pride. Art in our city is flourishing because we have made it so. The word is out that Wichita has an art scene because we made that happen.

Still, I have a few wishes left on my list for 2017.

  1. 24-to-30-somethings should study local history and take ideas from the Fisch Haus and the Famous Dead Artists. I’m inspired by their friendship and their commitment to exhibition several times per year, and the great ideas that came from collaborating with friends and peers like: the ACME pop-up, Final Friday, Tractor Factory, and others. I want to see more super groups to move the scene forward.
  2. I hear talk but still have not seen or heard of any annual art exhibition that premiers work for artists of color. I have seen efforts rise and then fall due to lack of funding and proper planning. This issue needs to be strongly addressed in 2017, and annually, every year after.
  3. Wichita Art Museum and Patricia McDonnell have done a fantastic job including local artists in exhibitions and happenings at the museum. I hope this continues through 2017.
  4. DockumCorner.jpg
    Credit Beth Golay/KMUW
    The Dockum Drug Lunch Counter sculpture in Lewis Reflection Park sits up against a wall and back in a corner. Are we ashamed of what it means? Do we want further damage done to the work? Move it to the center of the park and light it at night. Let it stand out.
  5. We should relocate the VERY important bronze sculpture "Interrupted Flight" by Harry Bertoia to WAM, Ulrich, or the new library. The beautiful thing is trapped in the A. Price Woodard Park and is seldom seen. It's too important not to have a great audience.
  6. Take someone out and introduce them to our great local artists. Convince one person in your life to buy and live with local art. It's good for their heart and the soul of our great city.

Have a splendid and art-filled 2017.