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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: Jack Wilson

Painter Jack Wilson was recently overlooked for the fine,  just-published book Wichita Artists In Their Studios. One or two things may be possible here: Jack Wilson often flies under the radar,  and Jack Wilson and his work may be too cool for such a book.

Long known as a hero among his art-making peers, Jack Wilson is often referred to as "an artist's artist"-- which, in my book is the highest praise one artist can receive from another. His works are collected by those in the know about what's really happening in locally made art.

Wilson's paintings are a battleground where artist is pitted against his surface. He attacks with mixed mediums, scratching, sanding, adding, removing and splattering until the surface gives up an image that is engrossing, soulful, and opulent. Layer upon tortured layer is evident. At the end of his physical sessions we are left with images that demand our thoughts on life, struggle, happiness, love, and sometimes loss.  I get the feeling Wilson sleeps like a baby after he leaves his studio.

Jack Wilson is having a rare exhibition titled "IN THE MOMENT" where one may go and view my new Wilson favorite "PROCREATION"-- a gorgeous work of acrylic on canvas which tells the story of new motherhood and life, or possible loss. Also, another amazing large canvas titled "A FEATHER IN HIS CAP"--which is rendered in popsicle tones and may explain feelings of new-found love, or just a one-night stand. The new and important works play on with paintings titled "FOOTPRINTS", "PEEK A BOO" and "WHISTLING KNEE DEEP IN WATER", among others.

The show can be seen at Art & Frame, 1317 N. Maize Road in Wichita. Go. Find out why painting, as an art form, is not dead.