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An Artist's Perspective: 'Building Bridges' Conveys the Human Experience

More than 100,000 Iraqi refugees have resettled in the United States in the past decade.

They live quiet lives and seek peace. Their stories and experiences, most often horrifying, are never heard.

They want what we all want:  Safety and education for their children, a decent dwelling to live in, a good wage for hard work, and a life free from the spilling of blood and persecution.

And on a globe where terrorists, both foreign and domestic, mean to do harm, refugees or exiles find themselves misunderstood and mistreated.

A new art exhibition entitled Building Bridges presents 70 paintings by displaced Middle Eastern artists in 4 Wichita venues. This artwork will be sold via silent auction with proceeds benefiting the artists.

By offering our community a chance to view and purchase these works, Building Bridges hopes to convey a human and heartfelt experience, and challenge stereotypes about Arab peoples in these United States.