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An Artist's Perspective: Millward's Work is Deliciously Twisted


In this week's ?An Artist's Perspective, KMUW Art Reviewer Curt Clonts reviews the work of artist/illustrator Kylie Millward, and also interviews her in the KMUW studio. Here's both:


Not long ago I viewed a small exhibition by Wichita artist/illustrator Kylie Millward and I was completely taken in. 

The fresh, illustrative work was obviously perfect for children's books, but I was thrown off by the deliciously twisted nature of some of the pieces.


A work entitled "Pauline and the Matches" features a whimsically painted little girl running, arms flailing, through a kitchen, semi-engulfed in flames, as two shocked house cats look on. Another work features a house engulfed in flames as three guilty animals watch, hidden in tall grass. 


"Jackalope Ride" features a saddled Jack Rabbit with an empty cowboy boot and remnants of what appears to be a cowboy laying on the ground. Had this rabbit eaten it's rider?!? Each piece made me step in for a closer examination.  I found myself pinching my nose to keep from laughing out loud and disturbing other folks visiting the Center.  


Another 14 works titled "Sweet Tweets" featured happy, juicy little renderings of frozen treats, like orange creamsicles and push up pops, complete with wee bird eyes and beaks, making them come alive on the surface.

The works feature a deft use of color and form and have a translucent quality which makes them feel magical and rich. Ms. Millward is an undiscovered gemstone waiting to be scooped up and prized. 

Discover Ms. Millward's work in an upcoming faculty show at City Arts.


Kylie Millward's work can also be seen at her website: http://kyliemillward.com