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Art Review

An Artist's Perspective: Proteus Mag


There has been a quiet, brilliant force taking place at the hands of Wichita painter, digital artist, and graphic designer Dustin Parker. Since April 2007, Parker has been publishing an online blog known as Proteus Mag, and the results have been extraordinary.

Proteus Mag is not your typical online blog, but rather a visually explosive presentation of artwork created and submitted via Parker's invitation to artists from around the world. And submit they do. Quality works of art are presented in stunning clarity, with clear, rich color and visual satisfaction down to the finest line. Updated daily with a featured "Artist of the Day," the site never seems to grow stale. 

The bulk of the work blurs the lines between what used to be labeled as "high brow" and "low brow" art, or "art brut." I have found myself pouring the morning coffee and going straight to Proteus Mag for my daily fix before I even think of reviewing the news of the day. The site becomes highly addictive. 

Proteus Mag also features interesting interviews conducted with the exact same questions posed to artists from one interview to the next. The result is delicious and voyeuristic. And Parker, known in these parts as a man who enjoys serving his fellow man with a good heart, makes sure to clearly list the ways each artist may be contacted. A great gift to each artist featured.

Use Proteus Mag as a tool to help keep you in tune with what is knew and fresh in the art world. Parker is to be congratulated for his massive and successful undertaking. Proteus Mag, in and of itself, is a perfect work of art.

See Proteus Mag at proteusmag.blogspot.com.