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Art Review

The Intersection Of Technology, Graffiti And Gallery Art

This Saturday, the Ulrich Museum opens the exhibition Evan Roth//Intellectual Property Donor. Roth’s work lives at the intersection of technology, graffiti and gallery art.

Open source and hacker philosophies are woven through his artistic practice, which also tie into his collaborative endeavors, like the Graffiti Research Lab and Free Art and Technology Lab or F.A.T. Lab.

If hacker culture is unfamiliar territory for you, I recommend watching Roth’s TEDx talk. It’s an excellent primer for definitions and guiding principles of hacking.

My favorite notion is being “lazy like a fox” - an idea put forward by Eric S. Raymond that promotes the quickest way between two points with maximum impact.

Roth takes these ideas out of the world of computer programming to make hacks visible in public space, gallery space, and the web – all of which are represented in Intellectual Property Donor.

Short videos of his Propulsion Paintings document his spray paint apparatuses in action, like Bike Wheel. In Bike Wheel, cans of spray paint are assembled on to the spokes of a bicycle rim, then activated by depressing the nozzle so the aerosol propels the wheel around creating a pigment-saturated, chance painting in a vacant urban landscape.

Bring a Smartphone to connect to the 10 networks broadcast by A Tribute to Heather - a work with 10 stacked routers, and each website containing a custom-made .gif.

In the Amsden gallery, the stage is set for visitors to deliver their own TED talk – or at least take selfies with the iconic big red letters.

Evan Roth//Intellectual Property Donor features an incredible range of media, sparse color, monumental installations, and fresh thinking about art and hacking.