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The Art Of Gratitude


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to share some things for which I’m thankful.


I am thankful for all former Ulrich curator Jodi Throckmorton accomplished in her short time here. She was the force behind a number of excellent shows: Vital Signs, Stephanie Syjuco’s FREE TEXTS, Lisa Solomon’s Sen, and the current Bruce Connor retrospective. She brought us some amazing contemporary art, and her upcoming Evan Roth show at the Ulrich looks promising.

I am thankful for curator Lisa Volpe’s truly beautiful reinstallation of the Wichita Art Museum’s permanent collection. Thank you for bringing forward hidden gems – like that incredible David Salle painting – and for finally giving us some white walls in that second floor gallery.


I am thankful for everything Armando Minjarez does. His dedicated activism, incredible solo exhibitions, Seed House, ICT Army of Artist, and the first North End Urban Arts festival are just some of the feats he’s accomplished.


I am thankful for Harvester Arts for fresh creativity, critical dialogue, and for sharing our art world with visiting artists. Each of their artists-in-residence is floored by the warmth and support of our arts community, and that makes me proud.

I am thankful for the time, money, and energy Emily Brookover put into Bluebird Arthouse. Though she had to close the doors after only 3 years, the reverberations of that magical place still echo throughout our community.

Our art world is growing into something beautiful with the efforts of these people and so many more, and for that I am truly thankful.