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Art Review

Art: It's (Black) Final Friday!


The Christmas décor in grocery stores and shopping centers gets trotted out earlier and earlier every year. Now, Christmas decorations replace the Halloween costumes and treats. This leap from skeletons to silver bells means that Thanksgiving is left to us to keep traditions with family and friends alive.

For many, part of Thanksgiving tradition is the post-turkey shopping on Black Friday. This year, I propose Black Final Friday – a local art extravaganza that the whole family can enjoy – as part and parcel to the finest of Thanksgiving traditions.

Here are some art exhibitions that I recommend for this Black Final Friday:  

  • Bob Schwan Studios is hosting an invitational group exhibition called Eye Thirty-Five. This show takes a look at some serious emerging talent of Kansas Artists age 35 and under.
  • At Watermark Books, Graphic Designer and Painter Dustin Parker will be featuring new work in his solo exhibit, "The Mask Becomes the Face."
  • Artists Hallie Linnebur and Megan Miller are offering blow-out special to Wichita clientele in their performance work Certified Transdimensional Spaciotemporal Biblio-Dispatch. This is a rare chance to enjoy proper performance art in Wichita.

If this Black Final Friday does not fully satiate you, the ICT Winter Bazaar will be December 8 at Century II and will boast the finest handmade gifts and local art for this holiday season.