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Art Review

Art: Museums In The Summer

I love museums in the summer. What’s better than the beautifully cool environment of a museum when you need a break from the intense heat of the day?

I often talk about the Wichita Art Museum and Wichita State’s Ulrich Museum. And these are great places to spend a summer afternoon. But rich artistic and cultural artifacts are on display all over the city. 

Civil Rights history is palpable in The Kansas African American Museum, which is housed in the beautifully restored Calvary Baptist Church, built in 1917. The museum features both contemporary and historic works from African American artists that come to life in this powerful space.

At the Mid-America All Indian Center, you feel a sense of connectedness to the nations of people that lived on this land before the Founding Fathers. Explore the contemporary artwork and cultural history of American Indians and visit Black Bear Bosin’s iconic Keeper of the Plains with a fresh perspective.

The Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum is located in Wichita’s 1892 City Hall, a building once known as the “Palace of the Plains.” In this building is a treasure trove of all things Wichita. From industry to daily life to art, this impeccable museum gives visitors four floors of enchanting history.

These museums, and many other local galleries, offer a look into the incredible art, culture and history of Wichita, and I can’t think of a better way to get away from the summer heat.