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Art Review

Art Review: Naymlis Entertainment

I recently attended one of the most avant-garde art events I've seen in Wichita for some time. This event brought together local art, music, and food trucks to Abode Venue for a dynamic night of cutting edge culture.

This was the second of its kind, with more to come, and the collaborative group behind the effort is made up of young arts professionals working under the title: Naymlis Entertainment. Naymlis operates outside of the museum and gallery world, bringing a fresh energy to the art scene. With the freedom to be daring and experimental, Naymlis events can go forward with successes and failures, and not be afraid of either.

This most recent event brought together a healthy line up of musicians and artists from around town. I went for the art, but the event gave me the opportunity to see local musicians. Others went for the music and were able to take in the art exhibit at their leisure. Either way, this crossover is an important aspect-- but the event was not without complications.

As an art viewer, it was hard to contend at times with the concert happening in the main room. Beyond having to converse at elevated levels, the music shaped the context of the artwork and injected itself into the meaning of the work. Specifically vulnerable were the video installations by Ian and Sarah Stewart. The music became the soundtrack to their video projections, which-- for better or worse-- changed the nature of the work.

Even with these kinks to be worked out or played with, Naymlis Entertainment is making a concerted effort to energize the local scene by placing art, music, and food into productive friction. Naymlis events are an exciting new addition to the art scene, and provide an experimental outlet for creative expression in Wichita.