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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Cody Cloud

Harrison Hale

Cody Cloud is a founding member of the band Vehicles, for which he serves as guitarist and vocalist. The band is at work on a new album for release in 2020.

I like music that has a lot of swagger and glam to it, a good story but there’s a darkness to it. Some music that I experience if very on-the-nose. It’s one emotion being jammed down your throat: I’m angry at my parents, I’m angry at life; this girl’s very attractive, this guy’s attractive; it’s very singular in its emotional expression. When I think of Iggy Pop or Scott Weiland, there was more hips to it and more just a little more swagger and showmanship to it. I enjoy that. If I’m going to go watch music, I want to see a performance. I hear enough people with bleeding hearts. When I pay money to see a show, I want to see a show.

“One think I like and I haven’t been able to figure out yet is … I read an interview with Wayne Coyne [Flaming Lips] in which he was saying that when he was making The Soft Bulletin, he wanted to make a happy [album] in order to express these happiness feelings. He just said that that was a lot harder to do without sounding cheesy. I’m working to figure that out. But it is tough.”