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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Julian Langston


Julian Langston is a Wichita-based musician whose stylistic interests range from heavy metal to hip-hop and beyond.

“I’m originally a drummer. In the past six or seven years I’ve gotten into playing bass and guitar and doing vocals. Or, more so getting more comfortable displaying my vocals.

I think I was that little boy that just wanted to bang on stuff. I guess when I was eight my mom put me in the kitchen when she was doing house work. She gave me some bowls and pots and pans that were upside down, a couple of wooden spoons. I guess I went to town. They started taking it seriously. A friend of ours, who had a duplex above our house, had a drum set that was all broken down in the basement. So, one day, my dad said, ‘Well, if you can figure out how to put it together, you can play it.’ I was 12-years-old and, ever since then … I got into Jimi Hendrix … that drummer blew my mind. It took over. I couldn’t stop thinking about music.

When I play bluegrass. I suck. I’m a pretty decent drummer, but when I play bluegrass or straight blues, I suck. I don’t know what it is. There’s like a comfort level with difficulty maybe. Blues is really structured and there are wrong moves. Jazz is kind of like, ‘You hit a note, so it’s not wrong, right?’”