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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Rhea Sewell


Rhea Sewell is a Wichita music scene veteran who has played drums and/or sang with a variety of bands including 1/2 Mad Poet, 7/8 Quick and, more recently, False Flag. She also performs as a singer-songwriter.

“I’ve been playing rock ‘n’ roll drums for two decades. I picked up the guitar maybe 10 years ago. I’ve been trying to do some solo singing and songwriting. But mostly I’m a rocker. And a drummer.

They’ve always called to me. Since grade school. Even when I was a cheerleader, I only wanted to watch the pep band drummers. I think it’s always been an internal thing with me, ready to lay down some beats. And smash things.

What brought me to Wichita was a vocal music scholarship at WSU. I love to sing. If you want to play by yourself you need something besides a drum to accompany vocals.

I’ve been playing guitar in the same fashion that I play drums, brutally. Rhythmically and brutally.

I would not call myself a guitar player but I have a good time playing solo shows.”