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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Zac Harrington


Zac Harrington is a Wichita-based soundman and musician whose credits include work with Sun & Stone, Weather Vain and Big Red Horse.

“The first show I was in the warehouse behind Strings Attached Music [in Delano]. It was Black Gasoline, Thunder Le Boom and The Sprawl. I just followed those guys around until they let me [do errands for them]. ‘Here, lift this. Restring this guitar.’ I just bugged the crap out of them just to get that knowledge. My whole point in learning how to play guitar or to really dive into it was that I wanted something I could keep learning until I’m bed-ridden.

Eventually, I got the offer to play bass for Dead Silos, which was Paul DeCeglie, Larry Donaldson, Kendall Newby. They were all in Black Gasoline at the time and needed somebody to fill in so I stepped in to do that. I learned a ton from those guys and still do, from all of those guys, the elder statesmen of the Wichita music scene.”