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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Georgia Andersen

Torin Andersen

Georgia Andersen is a multi-instrumentalist who has played in bands such as You’ll Be A Torso and This Great October. Her current project is Notes.Scraps.

“I recently did a musical project for Living Statues at the Fisch Haus. The target sound was, essentially, major chords. Bossa nova-style/Space Age Bachelor Pad. I totally failed at it. I can’t play happy music. It’s just not in me.

“There are a couple of piece that I find myself playing at home. My posture’s terrible. I sit cross-legged at the piano because I’m trying to not use the pedal at all. I find myself rocking out to them. Torin, my husband, will look over and I’ll just be head banging a little bit. Especially on the heavy stuff where the bass comes in. I really, really feel it in some spots. I imagine that the composers were doing the same thing when they were writing them.

“Torin has said before that every time I sit down at a piano that I look like I don’t know how to play it. Like it’s totally new. Like it’s this beast that exists and I’ve never seen it before. And I feel like that when I sit down sometimes. I think, ‘I can’t play this,’ then I start and it all comes together. It’s a weird deal.”