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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Lynne Davis


Lynne Davis is associate professor of organ at Wichita State University, where she is the Robert L. Town Distinguished Professor of Organ. Davis also hosts the Wednesdays in Wiedemann concert series, which celebrates the Marcussen organ which is housed there. 

“The organ is one of the oldest and most complex pieces of machinery. It is the most complex of machinery on the whole campus. Yet, it also a thing of beauty. I marvel at it every time I go in the hall and look at the symmetry, the proportions—the sense of proportion—the beauty of the materials that have been used. It’s a work of art.

I consider myself more an ambassador and steward of making this available—this immense cultural heritage that we have right here. That’s also why I’m very interested in another type of music here in Wichita, getting to know the musicians involved in bands, in jazz. It’s getting to know musicians everywhere so that they might become interested in what I do. It’s a sharing.”


Find more information about Lynne Davis at her website. You can see many past performances from the Wiedemann concert series here: