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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Ryan Stoldt

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Ryan Stoldt is the main songwriter and co-founder of the band Twin Cities. He is also a member of Coriander and Team Tremolo.

“I think a lot of the new album focuses on graduating from college and just trying to figure out just what I was doing. I’ve had a lot of friends get married and I’m not even close to that at this point. I went back to school to get a grad degree. I think a lot of the album, I was just trying to figure out what I was doing and if I was doing the right thing, even. The title track on the album, ‘Graduation,’ the chorus to it is, ‘I’m afraid I’m missing out on everything/I’m afraid I’m missing out on nothing.’

I think that really summarized the idea I was going with on the album: I’m at this weird place in my 20s where I think I’m doing everything pretty well but at the same time I’m kind of terrified that I’m missing out on a lot of stuff.

I usually just do voice memo after voice memo in my phone of different lyrical ideas of themes. If I’m super stressed out one day… I’ve written a couple of songs about having panic attacks about grad school.”