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A Musical Life: David Trechak

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David “Davy” Trechak is a Wichita music scene veteran with membership in bands such as White Lando, Somber Arrows and, more recently, Postboy. That group has just released a self-titled EP.

My name is David Trechak. I am currently the guitarist, pianist and lead vocalist of the band Postboy and lead guitarist of the band Somber Arrows, with my friend Weston.

We just want to hear what we want to hear from any other band that we enjoy. So, most of the writing is just what we want to hear.

My dad is pianist. He’s currently the director of the keyboard department at WSU. He’s been teaching for maybe 25 years or so now. He must have been playing since he was about 10, on piano. My mom was French hornist with the Wichita Symphony for a while. Now she just does private teaching.

Really in the past two years I’ve only taken classical music seriously. I sort of wish my parents put it on me, almost forced me to listen to it as a kid.

In Postboy we’re all just goofballs. We have a good time. We’re just weird and silly. I think that’s the best part of being in Postboy. We can make some fun out of it and crack some jokes. Sometimes the lyrics don’t make sense. To us, they’re inside jokes. Maybe people will figure them out some time.

Jedd Beaudoin is host/producer of the nationally syndicated program Strange Currency. He has also served as an arts reporter, a producer of A Musical Life and a founding member of the KMUW Movie Club. As a music journalist, his work has appeared in Pop Matters, Vox, No Depression and Keyboard Magazine.