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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Annie Adams

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Annie Adams is currently working on an Evasive Flowers EP and performing live under that name as well as with the band Domestic Drone. The latter band will release a full-length album later this year. She is also collaborating with her former partner in Evasive Flowers, Hugo Zelado, once more. “I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start writing music if it wasn’t for him. I’m eternally grateful for that.”

    My name is Annie Adams and I am the vocalist behind Evasive Flowers. I’m also the vocalist in a band called Domestic Drone. When I started doing Evasive Flowers it was actually an experimental project between me and my friend Hugo. I really enjoyed that for a while and so did he but I think we got bored with how tedious the process of using recording software is, especially for people who didn’t really know how to use it. Ultimately, I wanted to make stuff that I

What I do is I lay down a bass vocal loop. Then I lay harmonies on top of that. I have a function on the pedal where I can put one extra layer on. So, I’ll put one extra layer on for a chorus or whatever. So, that’s how I keep it kind of interesting.

Obviously, I sing lyrics on top. Sometimes there’s a beat that I beatbox in. Or I hit the mic.

Most of my songs are either about heartbreak or they’re about ghosts. I’ve always felt like there were spirits around me. Some of them benign and some of them not so much. So this is my way of addressing them without scaring myself.