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The 1A Record Club sits down with Hozier (Rebroadcast)

(c/o Julia Johnson)
(c/o Julia Johnson)

Andrew Hozier-Byrne has a lot to celebrate.

For starters, we talked to the Irish singer-songwriter on his birthday. And later this year, he’ll celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his debut single and biggest hit “Take Me To Church.” 

Since releasing that song, he’s become a superstar. With a 2015 Grammy nomination, two international tours, and both critical and public acclaim.

It’s been four years since he release his last album, “Wasteland, Baby!” The project afforded him the opportunity to perform with blues icon Mavis Staples.

His newest project is called “Eat Your Young.” It’s a three-song EP inspired by “Dante’s Inferno.”

He talks to us about his latest work, his upcoming third album, and what he’s learned from nearly a decade of stardom.

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