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Joy Oladokun provides listeners with 'Proof of Life'

What does it mean to defend your own happiness? Singer-songwriter Joy Oladokunasked that question in her 2021 album, “In Defense of My Own Happiness.” 

It was her first with a major record label. Earlier this year, a song from that album, “I See America,” was a finalist for the Best Song For Social Change Award at the Grammy’s.

Oladokun has found notable success despite the uncertainty of the pandemic. Now she’s back with new music and new questions. Her latest album is called“Proof of Life” and it was released in April. 

In a profile about the album, NPR’s Jewly Hight writes:

“Oladokun doesn’t mind imperfect takes and much prefers in-the-moment feeling to flawless precision, but she’s not at all opposed to refining her abilities; she’s been taking voice lessons, in fact. Now she’ll seize on occasions that call for singing more freely and demonstratively, but that’s still tempered by her ruminative inclinations.”

We speak to Oladokun about what vocal lessons are teaching her and about the ways she’s defending her own happiness.

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