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'Wait Wait' for March 11, 2023: With Not My Job guest Nick Kroll

Matt Winkelmeyer
Getty Images for MTV

This week's show was recorded at the Studebaker Theater in Chicago, with guest host Negin Farsaad, official judge and scorekeeper Bill Kurtis, Not My Job guest Nick Kroll and panelists Peter Grosz, Shane O'Neill and Amy Dickinson. Click the audio link above to hear the whole show.

Who's Bill This Time
Sly As A Fox News; What Is Healthy?; Hollywood's Biggest and Boringest Night

Panel Questions
Artificial Intelligence and Genuine Romance

Bluff The Listener
Our panelists read three stories about a surprising secret from the world of spies, only one of which is true.

Not My Job: Nick Kroll gets Rick Rolled
Nick Kroll is a brilliant comedian and one of the minds behind Big Mouth and History of the World, Part II. We Rick Roll Nick Kroll, that is, ask him questions about roles played by actors named Rick.

Panel Questions
Hunter Gatherer Self-care; You Can Find Everything At Walmart; Volkswagen Babysitters

Bill reads three news-related limericks: Mint Chocolate Chirp; Serial Daters Beware; Pig Sty Chic

Lightning Fill In The Blank
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.

Our panelists predict who will be banned after this year's Oscars and why.

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