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Lyrics from 'Blind' by hip-hop singer-songwriter SZA will stay with you


One of the last big album releases of 2022 came from the hip-hop singer and songwriter SZA. It's called "SOS," and it shot straight to No. 1. This week, we've been asking people about the lyrics that moved them this past year, and the writer Kiana Fitzgerald found one on the SZA record.

KIANA FITZGERALD: The lyric that stuck with me the most comes from "Blind."


SZA: (Singing) Eating everything, nigga, no fasting. I don't care how much you knew me in the past tense. I ain't no Julia Stiles. This ain't no last dance, way past it. Way...

FITZGERALD: The lyric is, it's so embarrassing, all of the things I need living inside of me. I can't see it.


SZA: (Singing) It's so embarrassing, all of the things I need living inside of me. I can't see it. It's so embarrassing.

FITZGERALD: The relatability of this lyric really struck a chord with me, as well as many, many other listeners. And some of us are more readily vocal about why we relate to it, and other people would never admit to it. It's SZA basically saying, you want to be with me, to a potential partner or a former partner, but I need to figure this out for myself. I need to figure out how to love myself without all these obstacles in the way that you're tossing in my direction.


SZA: (Singing) I don't want righteousness. I hurt too much. I lost too much. I lust too much. I hit my clutch and vroom. Third day, pop out the tomb.

FITZGERALD: You know, it's something that anybody can relate to, just feelings of inadequacy, feelings of jealousy or trust issues or anything that you might have with someone that you're willing to deal with romantically. You know, we've all - or many of us, I should say - have been through relationships, situationships, dysfunctional functioning, whatever. And there's always some kind of tug and pull when it comes to love. So this is something that I feel many people can relate to, and that's why it's performing as well as it is.


SZA: (Singing) I can't see. I'm blind.

INSKEEP: The song is by SZA. It's called "Blind." Kiana Fitzgerald is a frequent contributor to NPR Music and the Pop Culture Happy Hour.


SZA: (Singing) Blind, blind, blind, blind. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.