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The fight for Odessa

Soldiers walk in an empty street of Odessa.
Soldiers walk in an empty street of Odessa.

Ukrainian President Voldomyr Zelenskyy will address members of Congress Wednesday morning as the Russian invasion of his country enters its third week.

Nearly 300 miles from the president’s bunker in Kyiv, an intense battle over the city of Odessa is taking place.

The port city is considered by Ukrainian leadership to be the southern capital of the country. Historically, it was considered to be one of the Russian empire’s most important ports. And it’s home to a number of globally significant cultural heritage sites, including the Odessa Opera house.

For weeks, Russian forces have attempted to overtake the neighboring city of Mykolaiv which sits along the shores of the Black Sea. The city of nearly 500,000 residents has put up a tough fight.

We hear from a Ukrainian defense strategist in the port city about its significance and the fight across Ukraine.


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