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Making Modern Music With Marina

Tiana Timmerberg/
Warner Music Group
Tiana Timmerberg/ Warner Music Group

Pop music, as a genre, is as much about the music as it is about aesthetics. Few know this as well as singer Marina Diamandis.

Her 2010 debut album, “The Family Jewels,” looked like this…

Her 2012 album, “Electra Heart,” debuted at number one on the U.K.’s Official Charts and gave us iconic looks such as this.

Fast forward to today and Marina’s latest album “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land is giving us a brand new look from the artist and explores themes of gender, climate change, and relationships.

Marina sits down with us to talk pop star eras, making music in 2021, and what her next aesthetic may look like. Her new album “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land” comes out on June 11.

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