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‘Plan B,’ Sex Education, And Contraceptive Access

A picture of the Plan B morning-after contraceptive pill.
A picture of the Plan B morning-after contraceptive pill.

The Plan B pill was first introduced in 1999. And since then, a lot has changed in terms of Americans’ access to it.

In 2006, emergency contraceptives became available over the counter. And in 2013, the Food and Drug Administrationmade morning-after pills available without a prescription to those 15 and over.

But the availability of emergency contraceptives still varies around the country. In South Dakota, a “conscience clause” makes it so that pharmacists can refuse to give customers emergency contraceptives.

This is the central conflict of “Plan B,” which premieres on Hulu later this month. The film is a comedy following two teenage girls in South Dakota who go on a road trip to find a Planned Parenthood.

We sit down with the film’s director, Natalie Morales. We also chat with two reproductive health experts on the past, present, and future of emergency contraceptives.

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