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The Sounds Of America: ‘The Guiding Light’

Writer Irna Phillips created the soap "The Guiding Light."
Writer Irna Phillips created the soap "The Guiding Light."

The National Recording Registry has chosen to preserve an episode of a classic American soap opera, “The Guiding Light.”

First broadcast on the radio in 1937, “The Guiding Light” eventually transitioned to television in 1952 and aired for a total of 72 years before the show was canceled in 2009.

For our series, “The Sounds of America,” we spotlight the episode now being preserved. It first aired on Nov. 22, 1945. It was the first Thanksgiving after the end of World War II.

TheRegistry acts as an audio hall of fame and contains music, speeches, comedy, theater, sporting events and historical moments that have significantly influenced our American culture. Every year, 25 moments are picked to join those who have gone before.

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