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Sheltering In Place, But Still Reaching Out

Have you been reaching out to people more via video chat?
Have you been reaching out to people more via video chat?

As most of the country is sheltering in place, we’re finding more creative ways to connect with each other. Especially for older people, video chatting has been a valuable resource to maintain connections.

Here’s a story from The Washington Postabout seniors in retirement homes.

Under normal circumstances, Jacqueline Kimmelstiel — a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor — never would have experienced the thrill of watching her great-grandson learn to ride a bike.

Overwhelmed with delight, she watched as three-year-old Judah confidently rode down the block, waving at her when he passed by from his grandparents’ home in Hudson Valley, N.Y.

covid-19 has been discovering the untapped joy of video calling, especially at a time when in-person interaction is strictly off limits. In fact, Kimmelstiel says she’s communicating with her family much more frequently than she did before the pandemic.

We hear from you about how you’re reconnecting with the people in the age of social distancing.


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