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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri On Coronavirus, Misinformation And Working From Home

The Instagram logo is displayed on a tablet in Paris.
The Instagram logo is displayed on a tablet in Paris.

Like many Americans whose lives have been turned upside down by coronavirus, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is working from home.

The popular image-sharing social media platform is probably best known for its emphasis on travel content and the rise of influencer culture, but these days it’s serving another important purpose: keeping people connected in a time defined by physical distancing.

To promote the idea of Americans remaining within their homes, the company added a “Stay at Home” tab in the Stories section of the app. According to Mosseri, its heavy use almost crashed the app.

How are Mosseri and the staff at Instagram working to keep Americans connected? What are they doing to counter misinformation about COVID-19 from circulating on the platform?

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Avery Kleinman