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Russell Kolts: How Can We Use Compassion To Manage Our Anger?

Part 5 of the TED Radio Hour episode Reframing Anger.

About Russell Kolts' TED Talk

Why are some of us more likely to struggle with anger, and how can we learn to manage it? Psychologist Russell Kolts offers strategies for using compassion to transform our approach to anger.

About Russell Kolts'

Russell Kolts is a licensed clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Eastern Washington University. He has pioneered the application of compassion-focused therapy (CFT) for the treatment of problematic anger. He regularly conducts trainings and workshops on compassion.

Russell has co-authored and writtenvarious articles and books, including The Compassionate Mind Guide to Managing Your Anger. He holds a BS in psychology from Oklahoma State University, and a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Mississippi.

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