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Using DNA Matching To Crack Down On Dog Droppings


The pooch did it, but now a Chicago apartment building will use sophisticated biotechnology to figure out which one. Management of the Luxe apartment buildings says too many residents neglect to pick up after their dogs when they walk them. And I don't mean the dog hair.

The Greystar management company had told residents they must swab their pets' cheeks to get a saliva sample that will be used to set up a DNA database of all the building's dogs. If management discovers a spot of canine feculence, they will test it for DNA to identify the dog and its negligent owner. The resident would be fined $250 for the offending excreta. Technology that's used to exonerate people who've been unjustly convicted will now track down dog droppings scofflaws. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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