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Sunny Taylor: Portraits of Early Success

At 22, artist Sunny Taylor has already had several exhibitions, won an international art residency and had her work displayed in the Smithsonian Institution. The self-taught artist -- who's drawn comparisons to the 16th-century master Caravaggio -- was also born with a joint and muscular disability that limits the use of her arms and legs.

As she can't use her hands to paint, she holds the brush with her mouth, and sometimes paints with her toes.

NPR's Susan Stone visited the artist's studio in Athens, Georgia to talk about her life and work.

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Susan Stone
Susan Stone is a contributing reporter/producer for NPR based in Berlin, Germany. Before relocating to Germany for a Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship in 2005, she was a producer, editor, reporter and director at NPR’s headquarters in Washington for 10 years. Most recently, Stone was a producer and director for the weekend editions of NPR's award-winning news magazine All Things Considered, where she created a signature monthly music feature for the show.