Maria Elena

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Maria Elena Cuevas and her sister Tess Cuevas form the nucleus of Maria The Mexican, alongside Maria's husband, Garrett Nordstrom. Fusing elements of Americana with traditional Mexican sounds (and instrumentation), the group sings songs in both English and Spanish, arriving at a musical combination that celebrates family and heritage while moving into unfamiliar musical territory as well.

Maria The Mexican performs at Barleycorn's on Saturday, September 29 at 7 p.m.

Maria herself recently spoke with about her musical history and the future of her musical project.

Courtesy photo

Singer-songwriter Maria Elena will be celebrating the release of her album, Hollow Bones, at Central Standard Brewing on Sunday, March 4. The album is the culmination of a long period of writing and revision but also speaks to the Wichita-based musician's strengths as a vocalist, scribe and bandleader. Her penchant for unexpected melodies and emotional turns give the album a unique voice that transcends genres.