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John Grant is a Wichita-based musician whose credits include work with Ulu, Local Band, Softie and The Giant Thriller.

“I’ve loved music my whole life. It’s been one of those driving forces. It helps me connect with people. I’m not too social but I make a lot of connections through music.

Jonathan Eaton. That guy does something to my heart in the music that he writes. After hearing it 1000 times you would think you’d get totally sick of it but I’m still at the point where all the songs we wrote maybe 20 years ago are fresh and relevant today.

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In this episode of Marginalia, I spoke via Skype with author Oyinkan Braithwaite at her home in Lagos, Nigeria. That’s also the setting of her debut novel, which has a spoiler of a title: My Sister, the Serial Killer. The sisters are Korede and Ayoola. Korede is older, and takes quite seriously her responsibility to protect her younger sister, even to the point of cleaning up after Ayoola’s nasty habit of killing her boyfriends.

I visited with Braithwaite just before the novel’s release. Here’s our conversation:


Joel and Ethan Coen’s The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is made up of six vignettes telling tales from the Old West. It opens in the iconic Monument Valley, and while we’re quickly signaled that some of what we expect from the western genre will be inverted, the Coens nevertheless meticulously recreate many of our memories of old Hollywood westerns, complete with saloons, showdowns and stagecoaches.

Wichita artist Wade Hampton earned his chops in the '90s as a member of The Famous Dead Artists. It took a lot of hype to get people interested in coming to art exhibitions and an artist had to crow like a rooster to make that happen.

The annual fuss about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is upon us, as the 15 nominees for 2019 induction have been announced. But this is not going to be a piece about who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame; hoards of internet trolls, music bloggers and Ted Nugent have all been screaming about this enough. I have nothing against this year’s nominees - in fact, I like almost all of them. But what does it do to music when we put it in a museum?

How would we recognize the holiday season without a production of The Nutcracker

Chicago emcee Mick Jenkins has been at the top of my favorite list since his debut release, "Water[s]." He’s a highly competent rapper and musician, but more importantly, he’s a fantastic writer. His latest release, called "Pieces of a Man," is maybe his most literary composition. He takes the title from a Gil-Scott Heron piece and, in case you didn’t catch that association, he includes two skits of spoken word work, complete with a backing jazz band, just to make it a little more obvious.

Justin Cary

With the Christmas season approaching, I was looking for something a little different to serve for holiday dinners.

My good friend Chef Tom made an interesting suggestion: the traditional Mexican stew pozole. He told me that it is commonly served on special occasions in Mexico, including Christmas, and it sounded like the perfect meal to change up our holiday menu.

Music in video games these days is typically produced like any other music, but when games came on cartridges, there wasn’t room for music recordings, and video game consoles had to make the music themselves.

In 2016, Garrard Conley published his memoir, Boy Erased. It told his story of being forced into gay conversion therapy by his mother and Baptist pastor father, and it’s now been adapted by actor-turned-director Joel Edgerton into a movie.