District 3 Artist: Juanta Saunders, Jr.

Credit Juanta Saunders

With humble beginnings as a child of teen parents, Juanta Saunders, Jr. has become a product of Wichita’s urban art scene. Being inspired by cartoons, and videogames, he developed a style that’s colorful and cartoonish in nature. As a young adult he started practicing graffiti. The lack of inspiration in his surroundings made him want to create his own, or creating positivity as he would say.

He has completed several murals around Wichita through Avenue Art Days, The Joy of Voting campaign, North End Urban Arts Festival, Ulrich Museum of Art events and his own Broadway Beautification Project (BBP for short). He always finds ways to work with the younger people in his life, and is truly passionate about aiding people. He thinks that teaching kids about street art can benefit and broaden young artists’ views on what is considered art.