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The Wichita Meals on Wheels program needs volunteers.

The program said it loses student volunteers during the school year and many of its regular volunteers are on vacation or planning to be out of town for the holidays.

Volunteers work about one hour per day, delivering a noon meal to homebound residents across the city.

Meals on Wheels, which is run by Senior Services of Wichita, serves close to 900 people daily. The program currently has about 200 volunteers who prep and deliver the meals.

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A new report shows Kansas plans to spend more than $4.6 million in election grants to tighten cyber-security, modernize voting equipment, audit elections and safeguard voter rolls.

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission released on Thursday the state's plan for its share of the $380 million allocated by Congress to strengthen voting systems amid ongoing threats from Russia and others.

United States Drought Monitor

Kansas' long drought is fading.

Drought covered more than 80 percent of Kansas in April. Now the National Weather Service says most of the state is drought-free.

Still, the dry conditions remain severe in parts of northeastern Kansas.

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Another colorful mural is now on display in Wichita's historic Dunbar District. It's part of the Horizontes, or Horizons, project that's helping to revive the once-thriving neighborhood.

Henry Diltz

Gillian Welch remains a singular voice in American music. Her songs are never rushed, developing at a pace that is haunting; her albums arrive at a similarly sparse pace, each one commanding the listener's attention as they absorb her finely crafted lyrics and otherworldly tunes.

Sedgwick County AFSP

A new report says the suicide rates for Sedgwick County and Kansas are consistently higher than the national rate. The Sedgwick County Suicide Prevention Coalition presented its annual report to county commissioners Wednesday.

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The Kansas State Board of Education approved new standards Tuesday for students learning English as a second language.

The changes come as the number of students learning English grows in the state. Kansas Department of Education statistics show they made up nearly 12 percent of students in 2017.

Volunteer Kansas Facebook

Volunteer Kansas is looking to help make volunteer work more efficient.

The Wichita nonprofit is set to host a free volunteer training conference on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at The Technology Specialist, 1823 S. Eisenhower.

The conference, titled “Leading the Way, Not Managing the Day,” is part of an international professional development collaboration between Volunteer Kansas and other volunteer organizations. Its aim is to develop leadership skills for people who work with volunteers, service-delivery programs or nonprofits.

Alexa King

George Pelecanos is a thriller writer with more than 20 novels listed among his works. The Man Who Came Uptown is his third book that deals with characters who are released into the world after incarceration.

One such character is Michael, whose world is expanded through book recommendations he receives from Anna, the librarian in the D.C. jail where he is locked up. And after his release, Michael must decide if this newfound knowledge will affect his choices. While the work is fiction, the inspiration is not.

Shannon Wedge / Red Cross of South Central and Southeast Kansas

American Red Cross chapters in Kansas are sending volunteers and equipment to the East Coast ahead of Hurricane Florence.

The massive, slow-moving hurricane is set to plow into the southeast coast by Thursday.

Rachelle Lipker, interim communications director with the American Red Cross of South Central and Southeast Kansas, says the goal is to get disaster relief crews and emergency response vehicles in place before the hurricane hits.